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Common Appliance Repair Solutions

Warning: Read First!

Attempting to work on appliances that have live energy sources can lead  to serious bodily injury or even death. To prevent such injuries, always remove the appliance from its power source before proceeding with any diagnostic or repair work. It is also important to remember that some unplugged appliances still carry a shock hazard. Microwave Ovens in particular utilize capacitors that store enough energy to cause serious bodily injury or even death.

Attention should also be paid to other dangers that exist in the form of moving and or sharp components and pinch points.

The advice provided herein assumes that you are reasonably confident in using the diagnostic tools required to complete the job.  It also assumes you have taken the necessary precautions such as un-plugging your appliance and/or have tripped the circuit breaker. By using these guides you are subject to our website Terms of Use

If you are not familiar with the diagnostic tools or are not experienced in dealing with potentially hazardous work then please contact a licensed repair professional in your area.


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thanks for putting out that article and not assuming that we know what we are doing. I had no idea that microwaves can hold a current and cause a shock. thanks!
Amy Provencher 2008-02-12
 Common Appliance Repair Solutions Warning
I appreciated your article. It was very informative. It seems like common sense to disconnect from the electrical source and I know better, but if I had not have read this, I probably would have plowed ahead without the safety precaution. THANKS!!
Linda Key 2007-09-18
Thanks for this great information! I really appreciate the help of this web site. It makes purchasing these items all the more appreciated with such great help on small repairs!! Thanks again, Shauna Hahn Maytag washer and dryer owner
Shauna Hahn 2007-01-15

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