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Refrigerator/Freezer/Icemaker Part Troubleshooting Videos

Diagnose what your problem is with your refrigerator, freezer or ice maker and find our appliance repair video to teach you how to replace the part yourself. You can fix your refrigerator, freezer or ice maker tomorrow when you order if you order your parts today with Point and Click Appliance Repair.


Warning: Read First!

Attempting to work on appliances that have live energy sources can lead  to serious bodily injury or even death. To prevent such injuries, always remove the appliance from its power source before ...

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Sub Categories
Refrigerator is leaking/building up with water
Ice maker overflows
Water dispenser not working
Refrigerator is warm
Refrigerator is freezing everything
Freezer is warm
Refrigerator is not running
Refrigerator light not working
Refrigerator is noisy
Ice maker not making ice
Water dispenser dispensing slowly
Freezer is cold and refrigerator is warm
Refrigerator is unable to be opened
Freezer light not working
Freezer is making weird noises
Refrigerator is not making ice correctly
Refrigerator is not dispensing ice/ice dispenser not working correctly
Ice from refrigerator has specs in it
Ice maker is leaking
Freezer cannot hold items correctly
Refrigerator cannot hold items correctly
Food in refrigerator is spoiling fast
Weird odor coming from refrigerator
Refrigerator door won't stay closed or shut properly or is misaligned
Removing or reversing refrigerator doors
Fixing the front of your refrigerator
Refrigerator Tips and Help
Refrigerator Tips & Tricks
Refrigerator drawer, pan, or shelf is cracked, broken or missing
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