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Washer shakes or moves

The most common parts and conditions which contribute to the symptom "Washer Shakes or Moves" are listed below. Check or test these items and use the available how to links to learn more.


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Unbalanced Clothes Load
Ensure the clothes are equally distributed in the tub and are not bundled to one side. Shift the clothes around to ensure even distribution.










Leveling Leg
If your washing machine is shaking or moving it may be a simple fix.  Check to see if your washer is parallel to the floor using a level on each top side of the washer.  If the washer seems to be sloping to one side or uneven, check the leveling legs and adjust them by twisting and tightening/ loosening them to the same height.  Also, check to make sure all of the rubber feet on the bottom of the leveling legs are in place and not damaged.






Suspension Springs
The suspension springs suspend/stabilize the washer tub and absorb vibration while the machine is in the spin cycle. Springs may become damaged, stretched or detached which can cause excessive shaking and noise. Inspect springs and if one is defective, we recommend replacing all of them as they may all be under more tension and may have become defective as well









Shock Absorber

Shock absorbers in front load washers are used to dampen tub movement in the spin cycle. They are attached to the base frame and to the outer tub. They can wear out or break. If the shock absorbers are defective, be sure to replace them right away as continued use of the washer with defective shock absorbers can cause other, more serious problems.









Suspension Rods
The suspension rod supports the washer tub, transmission, and motor. They connect the legs and platform at the bottom of the washer to the top of the washer. The suspension rods can break and make the washer uneven, causing it to move and make noise during the cycle. Check the four suspension rods after first checking the leveling legs.









Tub Counterbalance Spring
The tub counterbalance spring connects to the base of  the washer and to a mounting bracket on the bottom of the tub and keeps the tub from shaking during te spin cycle. If your washer is shaking during the spin cycle, this part may be broken or worn out.








Snubber Ring
Some models contain a snubber ring that dampens vibration during spin cycle and is located at bottom of machine. It provides a cushion between the base and tub support and is made of hard plastic or felt. They can wear out allowing the tub to move excessively and shake the entire machine.










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