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Freezer is warm


The most common parts and conditions which contribute to the symptom "Freezer is warm" are listed below. Check or test these items and use the available how-to links to learn more. 


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Refrigerator Defrost Problem


Modern refrigerators are designed to self-defrost and it is essential for airflow to have an evaporator coil that is clear for air movement. If the rear interior panel of the freezer has frost appearing, it is most likely a defrost problem and must be corrected before temperatures can be restored to normal.








Dirty Condenser Coil

Check the condenser coils for lint and restrictions. It is located underneath the refrigerator and accessible from the rear. A dirty condenser coil will result in poor cooling, especially in the freezer. Consider using a condensor coil brush.








Low Refrigerant Charge


If the unit has a low refrigerant change, the freezer will not reach proper temperatures. This must be checked by a qualified technician due to EPA regulations.









Refrigerator Condenser Fan Motor


The condenser fan motor is found under the refrigerator near the compressor. This motor is essential for proper cooling. If the fan motor is not running, there will not be proper heat removal from the condenser, which results in higher temperatures in the freezer and possibly the fresh food section. Ensure the fan motor is running when the compressor is on.







Warning: Read First!

Attempting to work on appliances that have live energy sources can lead  to serious bodily injury or even death. To prevent such injuries, always remove the appliance from its power source before ...

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