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Dryer starts then stops


The most common parts and conditions which contribute to the symptom "Dryer starts then stops" are listed below. Check or test these items and use the available how to links to learn more.


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Lint Screen

If your clothes are covered in lint when you take them out of the dryer, your lint screen is probably full and needs to be removed and cleaned.  The extra lint that the screen cannot hold will end up sticking to your clothes.  It is a good idea to remove and clean the lint screen either before or after every single load of laundry for both efficiency and safety. 


Overheated Motor


The motor has an internal overload and will shut the motor down if it overheats. This can be caused by a couple of different problems. The first is the motor bearings. If the motor bearings are worn, the motor may make a loud noise when started and then after a period of time the motor will overheat due to drag on the motor. This will result in the motor shutting down until it has cooled. The second problem is lint build up on the motor. The motor needs to breath and if the lint is covering the motor it will cause it to overheat and result in the motor shutting down.






Drum Glides/ Rollers

The dryer drum on most models rests and spins on a set of rollers and/or drum glides. The glides and rollers provide low friction contact points that allow the drum to turn easily.  When the glides and rollers become worn they can cause the drum to drag. The dryer might only spin without a load or only when assisted. Worn glides on the front of the drum can cause the drum to catch, then release causing a jerking motion when it spins. They can also cause a loud squeaking when the dryer is spinning. Worn rollers can transfer rubber onto the outside of the drum and cause increased friction.  They can also cause a loud rumbling (sounds like tennis shoes are being dried).






Drum Bearing

The motor bearings can also go bad. A dryer with a motor in this condition can sometimes be started by hand and it will run.  However, when the motor gets hot the bearings begin to seize and the motor will stop. In this condition you must also replace the motor.



Dryness Control Board (Auto Dry Cycle)

The dryness control board uses a moisture sensor. If the clothes are wet it will sense it and closes a circuit to the dryness control board and will stop the timer.  If clothes are dry, the dryness control board will allow timer to advance.



Start Switch

The start switch is located on the main control board.  If the dryer will not start when the start switch is pushed or turned, it could be faulty and may need to be replaced.  Remove the start switch and check it for continuity.  If the dryer will start (and heat) when you depress the start switch, but will stop when the switch is released, then it is likely that the run relay is faulty.  On almost all modern designs this relay is incorporated into the start switch itself. The solution in this case is to replace the start switch. Some older models actually utilized a centrifugal switch on the motor. However, this is not commonly found today.


NEW Video - How To: Replace a Dryer Start Switch




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