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Dryer Repair Help


Listed below are common problems associated with dryers. Choose the problem you are experiencing and we will provide you with a list of causes and general repair help


Warning: Read First!

Attempting to work on appliances that have live energy sources can lead  to serious bodily injury or even death. To prevent such injuries, always remove the appliance from its power source before ...

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Sub Categories
Dryer not heating
Dryer not drying
Dryer won't start
Dryer starts then stops
Dryer shakes or moves
Dryer makes loud noise
Dryer displays a fault code
Dryer staining/tearing clothing
Dryer gets too hot
Dryer takes too long to dry
Dryer turns off too soon
Dryer won't spin/tumble
Dryer won't turn off
Dryer circuit breaker keeps tripping
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Diagnostic Articles
The following article(s) have been identified as some of the solutions related to the category you selected. For diagnosis, these articles are usually the most common causes of the symptom you have selected. Each article contains details specific to that potential cause.

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